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                                        Spanker Machine
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A discreet machine, that you can mount into a surface

Then, just fix your favorite implement, and is ready to spank!. Spanker Machine is. Small, discreet and powerful, it can be easily stored, allows coupling domestic, or commercial implements.

 Trailer in    Spanker Machine



Very easy to use and mount.
10 strike intensity positions, soft-medium-hard.
Timer (0-5 minutes)
Different angles of impact
Adjustable coupler for implements.
12 V. Power supply CE Adapter Dc- 110/220v.
Stainless steel fastening system to any surface included.
Measures 22 x 8 cms.
CE & Rohs certificates.

104 € Euro 73 £ GBP 112 $ Usd (Currency aprox)
(Taxes not included)

Some ideas for Implements & Indications

Commercial: Paddles-whips-canes. Domestic hairbrushes, wooden spoons, little canes, rules, all small kind of paddles, belts..., and the most important... your imagination.
Depending on the implement´s weight and hardness the impact of the stroke will also change for more or less stinging.
Recommended maximum weight load 100 grams.

For naughty girls and boys in need of a good spanking.

104 € Euro 76 £ GBP 117 $ Usd (Currency aprox)
(Taxes not included)