Conditions of purchase

1. - SCOPE
The present General Conditions of Purchase are applied on sale of all products of EMPRESA   (The Company from now on) or by electronic mail or through its page Web,  nombre web to users, companies or any other final addressee.
The user of the Company services, presupposes the acceptance of these general conditions of purchase, which will be available at the time of ordering through the Web site. For this reason, we recommend that users read carefully the general conditions before proceeding with the purchase transaction. If the user selects the option "Yes, I accept", which is located at the end of the General conditions, shall be deemed that understands and fully accepts and can continue with the purchase process. On the other hand, if the user does not accept the general terms and conditions, you must select the option labeled "Do not accept" that appears at the end of them. This option will conclude the purchase transaction and not behave the assumption of obligation the user whatsoever, as a customer, you declared to be of legal age and have the legal capacity to bind by the present general conditions of purchase contract with the Company.

People under 18 years of age not allowed to buy or use this appliance.
The way of using the Spanker Machine products is a personal reponsablitily, and we will not be held responsible for the damage to persons, or objects resulting from the use of the appliances, or unauthorized alterations.


Despite the foregoing, you agree, expressly and without exception, that access and use of the store takes place under their sole and exclusive responsibility. 
The Company reserves the right to modify unilaterally, at any time and without prior notice, the presentation and configuration of the store, as well as to temporarily or permanently suspend access to it.

The Company assumes no responsibility in any case for any personal or property injury to users  or others that could cause the appliances, poor installation or misuse.

The products presented on the website comply with Spanish law. The user assumes all liability for the use of our website, and are solely responsible for any direct or indirect arising on the website, including, but not limited to, all economic, technical and / or legal adversity, and the disappointment of the expectations generated by our website, forcing the user to hold harmless for any claims arising directly or indirectly from such acts. are not responsible for any damages that may result from interference, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, faults and / or disconnections in the operational functioning of this electronic system or appliances and computers of users motivated by due, which prevent or delay the provision of services or browsing the store, or what delays or blockages in the use caused by deficiencies or overloading of the Internet or other electronic systems, or the inability to providing the service or allow access for reasons not attributable to due to the user, third parties or force majeure. not control, generally, the use made by users of the website. In particular under no circumstance does not guarantee that users use the website in accordance with the law, these General Conditions, morality and generally accepted good practices and public order, nor to do so in a diligent and prudent.

In general, the user agrees to comply with the general conditions and to meet the special warnings or instructions contained therein or on the website and always act according to the law, morality and the demands of good faith, using due diligence, and refraining from using the website in any way that may impede, damage or impair the normal functioning, the property or rights of suppliers, other users or the general of any third party. It is prohibited to access and use the portal to minors, not responsible for the accuracy of the data entered by the user and therefore can not verify the age of the same. 
The user agrees to: 
a) Provide accurate information about the data requested in the user registration form or placing an order, and keep them updated.
b) Not enter, store or transmit on or from the website, any information or material that is defamatory, libelous, obscene, threatening, racist, incites violence or discrimination based on race, sex, creed, religion or in any manner prejudicial to morality, public order, fundamental rights, civil liberties, honor, privacy or image of others and in general regulations.
c) Not enter, store or transmit through the store any programs, data, viruses, code, or any other electronic or physical device that is capable of causing damage to the website, in any of the services, or any of the teams, www.spankermachine.comsystems or networks, of any other user, www.spankermachine.comproviders or in general any third party.
d) Save diligently "username" and "password" that is provided by, taking responsibility for damages that may result from improper use thereof.
e) Do not make advertising or commercial exploitation through the website, and not use the content and information right to send advertising, or send messages with any other commercial purpose, or to collect or store personal data of third parties.
f) Do not use false identities or impersonate others in the use of the website or the use of any of its services, including the use of passwords or access codes to third parties or otherwise
g) Not to destroy, alter, use for use, disable or damage the data, information, programs or electronic documents, its suppliers or third parties.
h) not enter, store or transmit through the store any content that violates intellectual property rights, industrial or business secrets of others, or in general any content that does not hold, in accordance with the law, the right to make it available third. 
The customer agrees to allow the delivery of the order providing a delivery address where your order can be delivered within the usual time requested delivery of goods. Should the customer breach of this obligation have no liability for delays or non-delivery of the order placed by the customer.


The prices shown on the screen next to each product shall be expressed in euro. The offerings will be properly marked and identified as such. The Company, reserves the right, at any time and without notice, to make changes it deems appropriate, and may upgrade products and prices. The applicable price shall be that recorded at the time of purchase the user

All European and International purchases can be paid through any of the following options:

  • Payment with credit card
  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer

International orders will be governed by paragraph number 6 of the present general conditions of purchase.

After verifying the payment of your order, we will proceed to delivery. The user will receive the order in a period of approximately 1 week for the Europe, 2 weeks for Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.
 For international orders the time of delivery could change depending on destination. 

4.1  Diligence in delivery
Customer must check the condition of the package to the carrier on behalf of, make delivery of the product ordered, indicating the delivery note any anomalies that might detect in the packaging. If, subsequently, after review of the product, the customer detects any impact as hitting, breaking, evidence of having been opened or any damage caused by shipping it, it undertakes to inform via email as soon of time and in a maximum of 7 days from the delivery. Delivery means the time delivery to the customer purchased the product.

For any questions or incidence related to your purchase, you can contact customer service by filling in the contact form which you can find by clicking here.Contact

.Any tax duty arising by the importation of the products to the country of destination shall be borne by the buyer, so The Company, cannot be held responsible for the merchandise, once in the Customs Office in your country.

7. CANCELLATION OF ORDERS accepts cancellations if the product is not in the logistics phase and for operational reasons it is not possible to stop the delivery process.


We only accept returns for defective product.
A refund for defective product is one that occurs because the product is bad and has a manufacturing defect. Under no circumstances accept a return of used products or are in a poor condition as a result of its use. 

The protocol for returning a defective product is as follows:
1) As far as possible you should send with original packing the product you arrived. Once these conditions have to send an email to CONTACT indicating waybill number, reason for return and returned product.
2) You must include a copy of the delivery note inside the package, which also indicate the returned products and the reason for return.

From we will contact you to remember an hour with our distributor logistical come to receive the returned product. 

Once the product returned, when at, is  examined that the conditions detailed above and return if successful proceed to request payment on your credit card or paypal account the amount of the purchase. In this case, cost borne by the logistics operator that you came to pick up the item.
When we return the product, do not forget to include the product with all original packaging and packing slip purchase.

The personal data requested through Web pages or other means, will be incorporated into files which The Company, is responsible. This information will be used exclusively to inform the user of offers and product updates and not be transferred to third parties without your prior consent. In compliance with the data protection act, the user may request the modification or cancellation of your data at any time, by contacting customer service through the means indicated in clause 5 of these general conditions.

Rights of copyright on the design and contents of the website of the Company correspond exclusively to the Company unless other ownership. The reproduction, distribution, or transform non-authorized such content constitutes a violation of the rights of intellectual property of the Company or the holder thereof, and may result in the corresponding judicial or extra-judicial actions for the exercise of their rights.

The warranty is valid for a period of 1 year from the date of the invoice.
The warranty becomes effective from the date of purchase that is listed on the invoice and only covers the cost of repair or replacement of the product.
All costs of transport are excluded.
Products and parts replaced by the Company, in the terms of guarantee are its exclusive property. The service provided in the warranty does not extend the effects of this.
The warranty period begins from the date of invoice of the Company, and may not be extended in any case by replacement of a component in a repair or replacement.
Repair of machines and parts  that  are responsible for the warranty is carried out at our facilities located in  Spain and will be held at the time deemed necessary by our technical assistance service and sufficient.
Loss or damage during transport is not the responsibility of the Company.

Cancellation of guarantees:
-The incorrect use, handling or maintenance by the customer of a machine or component.
-Incorrect repair, modification or extension of the machine by any person not authorized by the Company.
-Not be accepted any damaged materials, with insufficient packaging, without packaging or clear evidence of improper handling.
-Excluded from any warranty defects and damage caused by water or made external accidents, mainly electrical accidents by wear and improper use.
If you have any questions or additional comments, please do not hesitate to contact us sending an e-mail from the contact page.CONTACT
For any problem with your purchase, it will be necessary to contact service customer the Company by filling in the contact form.CONTACT

Any divergence arising from the present contract, both parties submit expressly and with resignation to its own jurisdiction, to the decision of the matter or dispute raised, through the institutional arbitration of ARBITEC, Spanish Association of technological arbitration, which entrusted the administration of the arbitration and the appointment of the arbitrators. The arbitration will be held in accordance with the procedure laid down in the rules of arbitration of ARBITEC and the Arbitration Act of December 23, 2003 and may be carried out via the Internet or by telematic means. The arbitral award shall be given ninety days following the acceptance of the charge by the arbitrators appointed, forcing both sides to accept and carry out the decision contained therein. In the case that arbitration should not perform by mutual agreement or be declared null, both sides undergo to the courts and Spanish tribunals.